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Nina Bratchikova Website

Mittelrhen Nina Bratchikova - the web site of a professional tennis school for children and teenagers. Not long ago, Nina and her husband decided to open their tennis school and train future champions using their professional experience.

Nina Bratchikova is a professional Russian tennis player with 7 years experience. Need website development and logotype.

Nina wanted to user look at the logo, it was immediately clear that this is a tennis school and that they are training professional athletes of champions. :).

Nina Bratchikova Website

Nina wanted a stylish and modern website that will be perfectly displayed on all screens and all platforms. With smooth animation and good interaction.

It was also necessary to take into account that the site is designed for parents who want to send their children to a professional tennis school.

The school has three programs: for the very young - from three years old, for children over the age - from nine years old and for almost teenagers but still promising in sports - from 12 years old.

I immediately thought that the design of the logo must be a tennis ball or cup. I thought that both could be together, only unobtrusively. The minimal version of the logo can look like a tennis ball using our styling.

The contact form is made conveniently, ergonomically and as informative as possible. In general, the site turned comfortable, ergonomic and modern. It scales well, perfectly opens on a PC, tablet, smartphone and even on Smart TV. All images are optimized, so the site loads very quickly even with a non-high-quality Internet connection.

Nina said that she received the first application for consultation through the site for the second week after the site was launched on the server.

I think this is a good result to start. :)