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Medi CCM ioS App

Cryptocurrency gradually penetrates in our daily lives.

BetEx is an application that allows you to make sports bets using cryptocurrency.
One of my old and good clients ordered a UI & UX design for a sports betting app.

The customer wanted an application with a modern design and at the same time a user-friendly and intuitive interface. Application design had to be developed for two platforms, iOS, and Android.

Logo design


From the beginning, it was only the name of the application, but the customer said that the logo design is not critical, "you can just write BetEx name in plain text" - he says.

I decided to work on the logo more detail and do something close to the sport. Seems it looks nice.


I actually think it would be better to use more icons for sport.  For this, I had to draw a whole set of special sports icons.

All vector graphics was make in SVG format, so all icons looks good on each screen size,


Is very simple.
For making sport bet, uer must or choose his payment card, or using his cryptocyrrency wallet.

Next stage will be creating Landing Page for BetEx :)