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Hip Rez Website

The task is to create a website design that allows creating from scratch or by templates beautiful and presentable resumes and portfolios for job seekers.
The target audience of the site is very diverse and the age range is quite wide, so the emphasis was placed on simplicity and convenience.

The customer wanted the user to easily choose from hundreds of templates suitable for him in design and style. Then fill in the template with your own information and post your resume or portfolio to a free domain or connect your own.

I decided to make the site in bright colors, without much animation, because the accent was on simplicity and versatility.


The colors I was picked up such that the site would not turn out to be very faded and the user could see at least a slight contrast on the important details.


The customer and I made the first 20 portfolio templates and 20 CV templates.

We think this is enough for a start:)

Mobile Version

I made the mobile version easily and quickly because the design concept has already been defined,  layout too so it was necessary only to "mobilize" the desktop version.

In general, I decided to save the time and money of the customer and decided not to draw the mobile version in Adobe XD but make it immediately in Webflow.