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Webflow website design

Herbert and Rosenfield fund website

What does the phrase "modern but respectable design" mean for a 65-year-old client? :)

According to my observations, people of the age do not like animation and very much interactivity.Aged clients like:
🔎Сomfortable and easy-to-read text
🖼️ Big pictures
🧭 Good and convenient navigation
📰 Clear headings.

You can write a separate book about the adaptation of the CMS for aged people...
But the most important thing with which to start familiarizing an aged client with the CMS is to show how to make a backup, so that the client is not afraid to screw up, or if he messed up, he knew how to fix everything.

Who we are section

In general, the client approved the design of the site, now I'm transferring it to Webflow.

Functionally, the site has a blog and a very simple editor panel.

Our Team section

The site is simple but it has a number of requirements:
- Correct work in the Internet Explorer
- High download speed
- Good indexing in Google
- The indicator in the Google Page Speed not less than 90

I will post the development stages :)

Contact us section